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Our unique, holistic approach to tuition helps minimise stress, optimise success and grow confidence.

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with Primary Maths & English

Strong foundations in English and maths are vital to building educational success, and the best time to start is during the primary years.

Secondary tuition

Need a little help…

Our secondary tuition supports work pupils are doing in school and prepares them for GCSEs.  We don’t just teach subject matter; we teach our students how to learn smarter.

What we do

Inspiring children to love learning

At Flying Start, we understand that everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we offer a variety of tuition options, designed to support your child whatever stage they’re at.

We have a different approach to tuition that incorporates a unique blend of traditional teaching skills, technology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). We don’t just teach our students what to learn, we teach them how to learn and we help them to develop the skills to become effective, confident learners. We call this our learn smarter approach. 

From laying strong foundations in the primary years, through to support with exams such as the Eleven Plus and GCSEs, our expert tuition will help your child to stand tall and fly high.

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Why us?

Quality assured

There are so many tutors and tuition companies advertising their services these days so how can you, the parent, decide on the best option for your child? Unfortunately, the tuition industry is, as yet, unregulated meaning that there are no rules or minimum requirements in place and anybody can set themselves up as a tutor.  

At Flying Start, we only employ tutors who meet our discerning standards and we take the safety and welfare of our students very seriously. To find out more about our exceptional team, visit our team page.

We are registered voluntarily with Ofsted, meaning that all our centres are safe, our policies are top notch and our staff are fully trained in (amongst other things) safeguarding, health and safety and first aid – as well as being enhanced DBS checked. (It also means that you can pay for your tuition using Tax Free Childcare.)

To find out more about our unique approach to tuition, check out ‘how it works’ or take a look at our tuition options listed below.

FREE English and Maths Progress Check-ups

Would you like to know how your child’s maths and English skills are developing this year? Through a variety of fun and engaging activities, the Progress Check-Up assesses core skills such as mental maths, and written problem solving and comprehension.

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Could You Pass the Eleven Plus?

A FREE session for parents and children. Join us to discover what your child will experience when they sit the Eleven Plus. Take a mini test, find out your score, have a feedback session and receive handy tips on how to support your child at home.

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – 5.45pm

Saturday 7th March 2020 – 2.45pm

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Year 7 - GCSE Maths Workshops

Our Secondary Maths Flash Workshops target those tricky maths topics that some students find challenging. For students in Year 7 up to GCSE level, each stand alone workshop focuses on a different maths topic and is designed to get students’ skills up to speed in a flash.

See our timetable here.

11+ Flash Workshops

These 90-minute workshops will help your child get up to speed in a flash with those tricky Eleven Plus areas.  Each session is interactive and fun and focuses on specific question types and essential skills for Eleven  Plus success.

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Primary Tuition

At Flying Start, we offer a range of excellent tuition options, including combined or single subject lessons; small group and individual lessons. Using our unique blend of traditional teaching methods, technology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) our goal is to inspire our students to love learning, accelerate their progress and leave them brimming with confidence.

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Eleven Plus Tuition

Help your child to power up for the 11+ and give them the best chance of exam success with our extensive range of 11+  courses. We have tuition options to suit everyone – from early starters to last minute crammers.

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My son Jack gone off today cheerfully, feeling calm but nervous and well prepared. Whatever happens, he’s moved up a maths group at school which is fantastic and very much down to his increased confidence since being at Flying Start.

A.N. Parent, Year 5 Eleven Plus course, 2017

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