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Our unique, holistic approach to tuition helps minimise stress, optimise success and grow confidence.

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Inspiring children to love learning

At Flying Start, we understand that everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we offer a variety of tuition options, designed to support your child whatever stage they’re at.

We have a different approach to tuition that incorporates a unique blend of traditional teaching skills, technology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). We don’t just teach our students what to learn, we teach them how to learn and we help them to develop the skills to become effective, confident learners. We call this our learn smarter approach. 

From laying strong foundations in the primary years, through to support with exams such as the Eleven Plus and GCSEs, our expert tuition will help your child to stand tall and fly high.

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Why us?

Quality assured

There are so many tutors and tuition companies advertising their services these days so how can you, the parent, decide on the best option for your child? Unfortunately, the tuition industry is, as yet, unregulated meaning that there are no rules or minimum requirements in place and anybody can set themselves up as a tutor.  

At Flying Start, we only employ tutors who meet our discerning standards and we take the safety and welfare of our students very seriously. To find out more about our exceptional team, visit our team page.

We are registered voluntarily with Ofsted, meaning that all our centres are safe, our policies are top notch and our staff are fully trained in (amongst other things) safeguarding, health and safety and first aid – as well as being enhanced DBS checked. (It also means that you can pay for your tuition using Tax Free Childcare.)

To find out more about our unique approach to tuition, check out ‘how it works’ or take a look at our tuition options listed below.

At Flying Start Tuition and online this term…

11+ Superpowers® Course

Our NEW 11+ Superpowers Video workshops will be delivered over five sessions. Each session sets the context, provides the background information and demonstrates the technique or techniques to build up an 11+ Superpowers toolkit.

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11+ Essentials

Online short courses starting 10th Jan

Help your child to get their reasoning skills up to speed fast with this NEW series of short online courses. With exclusive content, used only for 11+ Essentials, these  courses are suitable for children who are either unfamiliar with the topics or want additional support to help further embed their skills.

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Mocks in a Box

Everything you need for realistic exam practice at home!

Each box includes test papers, a handy timer, a pencil, a pen, stickers, a reward chart, a mini mascot and a guide full of useful tips for exam success.

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Bespoke Group Lessons


Does your child have a small group of friends who all need help in a particular subject? Explore our bespoke group sessions, tailored to your child and their classmates, where you tell us what you want to learn!

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Year 4 Get Ready for the 11+ Course

Join our course now.

Get ahead of the game with our Year 4 courses. An earlier start reduces pressure and allows more time to cover the curriculum, develop exam strategies and build confidence

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Year 5 Power Up for the 11+ Course

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Tailored to the Bucks 11+ tests, this course covers the main areas of English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning,  preparing students for the wide range of questions found in the tests, while boosting confidence and having fun!

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We are thrilled to let you know that our son passed the 11+ exam!!!! 🙂 He did really well across the board, the highlight being his 92% score in the Maths section! Kaitlin – thank you for your exceptional teaching and for your supportive and motivational attitude, your influence was key in reigniting our son’s interest once again in learning, Debbie – thank you for all your help in booking our son’s sessions, proactivey letting us know when opportunities became available and responding to our often last minute requests for extra sessions. Gavin – thank you for running a great revision week in the Summer holidays, which (against his expectations!) he really enjoyed.

Thank you so much once again. Flying Start tuition has truly been a transformational experience for our son to engage and enjoy learning again, during what has been a very challenging time with lockdown and homeschooling.

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