What are 11+ Superpowers?

As adults, we know that we perform best when we are in the right mindset – whether that’s at work, in the home or at play. The same goes for your child. In fact, many studies have demonstrated how a positive attitude and self-belief are far more important to academic success than the amount of study time put in.

Inevitably, many children experience negative thoughts and self-doubt from time to time. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to schoolwork and exams, these will hinder progress and impact on performance. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Our NEW 11+ Superpowers Course

At Flying Start Tuition, we’ve been successfully preparing thousands of children how to ace exams like the Eleven Plus for over twelve years. During that time, we have embedded into our courses a programme of tools and techniques that help our students to approach their exams with a ‘can do’ attitude. We call this their 11+ Superpowers toolkit.

Now, for the first time, many of these game-changing techniques are available for anyone to access via our series of five new 11+ Superpowers video workshops. During these workshops, students will learn a series of powerful strategies that will help them to build up their own 11+ Superpowers toolkit. Featuring techniques from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), our 11+ Superpowers course will help students to combat self-doubt, conquer exam nerves and banish negative self-talk so that they feel focused, motivated and ready to tackle their Eleven Plus with confidence.

Course Overview

The course is delivered over five sessions. Each session comprises a video workshop that sets the context, provides background information and demonstrates the technique or techniques to be covered. In between sessions, students will be set some fun practice and integration tasks to complete. In order to gain maximum benefit from the course, students are encouraged to actively take part in each session and to complete the follow-on tasks.

The course can be completed in any time frame, although we recommend your child leaves a week or two in between each session in order to allow for integration and practice time.

Session 1: Getting into the learning zone.
Getting into the learning state and motivational tips

Session 2: Bring out the champion.
How to flip your language to achieve better results

Session 3: Let’s get motivated.
How to switch from negative to positive emotional states

Session 4: Switch that state.
Techniques and tips for staying cool, calm and collected

Session 5: Get your cape on.
Pulling it altogether and next steps.

Super Course, Super Price

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