Secondary Maths

Conquering maths fears

Did you know that most people who struggle with maths do so not due to a lack of ability but due to a lack of confidence? More often than not, it is simply the fear of getting it wrong or the false belief that they are no good at maths that holds them back. At Flying Start, we understand how powerful these limiting beliefs can be. . .and how to send them packing! 

 We don’t just teach our students the necessary subject matter; we help them to learn smarter.  By integrating techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) into our lessons, we help our students to get into a positive mindset for learning, how to overcome exam nerves and how to become more confident, effective learners.  This unique approach to tuition is what sets us apart from other tuition companies and is why nearly all our students report significant progress in school within less than a term of embarking on one of our courses.

So whether your child needs support catching up with the basics or a push to prepare for GCSEs, contact us to see how we can help.

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Tuition Options

From year 7 to GCSE level 

We offer small group or one-to-one lessons during term time and school holidays. Our small group lessons support the work our students are doing at school at a pace and level suitable for each individual. For students in years 7 to 9, we provide a rigorous grounding in essential numerical skills as well as covering key topics such as fractions, percentages, decimals, algebra and problem-solving. 

Our GCSE courses cover both Foundation and Higher levels from the exam boards Edexcel, OCR and AQA. Lessons are tailored to each pupil’s individual needs, working on topic revision and exam questions and papers as necessary. Practice of number skills is also included in every lesson as starters and end-of-lesson games to increase speed and confidence.

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COMING SOON: Secondary Maths Flash Workshops –  for students looking for targeted support in one or more specific areas.


Thank you for showing me a different method for things you gave me a great week

Pupil, R & P course, Summer 2018

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