11+ Essentials – Verbal Reasoning Short Course, Block A


For pupils who need a little help with a specific 11+ subject, rather than our year-long course, we offer a series of 11+ Essentials Short Courses, divided into blocks covering different 11+ topics, each block lasting 6 sessions. Each session will be delivered online and will be recorded, so students have the options to attend either the live session, or watch the recording in their own time.

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Essentials, Block A course content: 

Word and letter patterns:

  • Alphabet positions
  • Letter sequences
  • Letter codes
  • Word codes
  • Match the codes
  • Make a word from 1 or 2 other words

The meanings of words:

  • Similar meanings
  • Opposites
  • Word groups
  • Ordering words
  • Analogies
  • Odd ones out
  • Word connections

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Essentials, Block A dates:

Monday 10th January – Monday 14th February, 4pm-5pm