Years 5 & 6 Transition

Maths, English and SATs preparation

The later primary years are times of great change for children – both physically and emotionally. In addition, growing academic pressures from increased schoolwork and tests often cause children to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

At Flying Start, we understand how stressful preparing for the SATs and the jump to secondary school can be – both for children and their parents. Moreover, we recognise that children moving into year 7 are faced with unfamiliar social and emotional challenges which can be difficult to handle. 

Flying Start’s Transition course has been developed to help make this process far easier.  Our unique, holistic approach to tuition helps minimise stress, grow confidence and increase resilience – optimising students’ (and parents’) chances of a happy and successful transition. 

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Course Content

Preparing for change

Through fun, engaging activities, our Transition course will develop your child’s core English and maths skills, ensuring they are thoroughly grounded in the knowledge and techniques tested by the SATs and fully prepared for the move up to secondary school.

English areas covered include writing skills, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary building. Maths areas include mental and written arithmetic alongside curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and problem-solving.

In addition, through a series of practical tasks and discussions, students will explore a range of themes designed to increase awareness of their own strengths and individuality, enabling them to cope confidently with the changes ahead. 

Your child will also learn a series of tools to help them deal with anxiety, aid concentration and enhance performance. These neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques will be beneficial  throughout their school career and beyond. 

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Course Benefits

Developing a thirst for learning

At Flying Start, we have a smarter approach to learning that takes into account our students’ unique learning preferences and teaches them how to become more effective learners.

Lessons take place at our well-resourced tuition centres and all materials are included in the course fees.  Students successfully completing the Transition course will:

•  Extend core maths and English skills
•  Learn tips and tricks for tackling SATs questions
Develop reasoning and independent thinking skills
•  Acquire learning techniques and skills for the future
•  Cultivate a positive approach to challenges
•  Have fun!

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Please pass on my warmest thanks to Gil for yesterday’s session.(My daughter) now seems to be quite relaxed about proceedings and primed
with confidence.  She has loved the time spent with Gil and I consider it a reflection on Gil’s teaching that she was always extremely happy to be taught by her and would always comment on how quickly the time passed.

S.M. Parent, Year 5 Eleven Plus course, 2016

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