Years 3 & 4 Primary Foundation

Maths and English Tuition

As children move through the primary years, they start to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Years 3 and 4 are typically the years when educational ‘issues’ come to light and self-doubt can set in.

At Flying Start, we understand that children learn and develop in their own unique way and our courses are designed to help move each child on at a pace appropriate for them. Our Primary Foundation tuition course provides comprehensive coverage of maths, English and reasoning skills. 

English areas include: reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary building.

Maths areas include: mental and written arithmetic and a wide range of curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and worded problems. 

In addition, pupils develop their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills through games, written exercises and problem-solving activities. These activities help children to think logically and creatively as well as laying solid foundations for the Eleven Plus and SATs tests. 

Our Approach

Nurturing resilient learners

We know that children have different strengths and weaknesses so our lessons support weaker areas and extend strengths, letting each child progress at their own pace. 

Rather than focusing only on challenging areas, we encourage our students to move forward and grow even stronger in subjects they enjoy and are good at. This boosts their confidence, ability, sense of achievement and self-esteem. 

At Flying Start Tuition, we teach our students how to learn smarter. Embedded within the course are a number of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to improve confidence and concentration. These valuable tools can be applied to a range of subjects and different situations, enabling children to become more autonomous and grow emotional resilience. These are tools they will have for life.

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Course Benefits

Learning for life

Utilising games, problem-solving activities and effective questioning, our Foundation lessons help children to develop strong maths, English and reasoning skills and to become more effective, lifelong learners. 

Students successfully completing the Primary Foundation course will:

•  Consolidate and extend core maths and English skills
•  Accelerate school progress
•  Strengthen weaker areas and enhance stronger areas
•  Be better prepared for tests such as the Eleven Plus
•  Develop reasoning and independent thinking skills
•  Acquire learning and coping tools for life
•  Gain in confidence
•  Have fun!

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I’ve discovered I can do things I didn’t think I could do

Pupil, R & P course, Summer 2018

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