Years 1 & 2 Playful Learning

Why is play important?

At Flying Start Tuition, we  know children learn best when having fun and there are numerous studies to back this up. In fact, there is a growing body of research* that demonstrates too much formal learning and not enough play could be detrimental to children’s educational progress and harmful to their emotional well-being. 

Sadly, with the growing pressures of school life, it can be hard for children to find space for meaningful play. In their free time, they will often default to ‘numbing down’ screen activities. Whilst screens certainly have value and a significant place in our modern world, they are no substitute for real life play.

Children learn so many skills from playing and interacting face-to-face with other people. They learn to listen, share, take turns, collaborate and problem-solve. At the same time, games are a highly effective way of building core maths and English skills – whilst having fun!

* For further information on the topic of learning through play, including links to relevant research, see our blog page: www.flyingstarttuition.co.uk/blog/

Course Content

No screen time…just play time

Designed by experienced, qualified teachers and delivered by our team of fully trained play facilitators, our Playful Learning sessions help each child to progress at a pace appropriate to them. 

Sessions incorporate a stimulating mix of board, circle and action games, combined with techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help children combat stress, develop a positive mindset for learning and grow in confidence. 

English areas covered include: reading, spelling, creative story-telling, vocabulary, grammar, rhyme, rhythm. Maths areas covered include: number, arithmetic, shape, money, time, fractions, measures.

Playful Learning sessions take place at one of our well-resourced tuition centres and are suitable for children of all abilities, aged five to eight, and are ideal for engaging reluctant learners as well as extending high flyers.

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Course Benefits

Learning through fun

Playful Learning sessions are designed to help children to develop strong maths and English foundations in a way that is most suited to children of this age group: through fun!

Children attending Playful Learning sessions will:

  • Grow in confidence
  • Raise maths and English levels
  • Accelerate progress at school
  • Develop patience and resilience
  • Improve speaking and listening skills
  • Develop logical reasoning skills
  • Have lots of fun!

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