GCSE Maths Flash Workshops

A series of 90 minute workshops focusing on core GCSE topics:


Core skills 1: Multiplication and division skills including decimals using different methods. Applying number core skills 1 in word problems.

Core skills 2: Factors including prime factors, highest common factor (HCF), multiples, lowest common multiple (LCM), applying number core skills 2 in word problems.


Core skills 1: Equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, simplifying fractions, converting mixed numbers/top heavy fractions, applying fraction core skills 1 in word problems.

Core skills 2: Multiplying and dividing fractions, simplifying fractions, applying fraction core skills 2 in word problems.


Core skills 1 :Collecting like terms, expanding and factorising expressions with single brackets.

Core Skills 2 :(Required maths skills: Algebra Core Skills 1) Rearranging Formulae including powers and fractions, applying algebra core skills 2 in word problems.


Pythagoras’ theorem, applying Pythagoras’ theorem in word problems.


(Required maths skills:Pythagoras’ theorem) SOHCAHTOA, applying SOHCAHTOA in word problems.

View our latest Maths Flash Workshop timetable here.

I’m really pleased to be able to tell you that (our son) passed his 11+. He has said the tuition helped, and especially that Gill’s (sic) explanations helped with his maths in the classroom and not just for the test.

W.B. Parent, Year 5 Eleven Plus course, 2017

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