GCSE Maths Flash Workshops

A series of 90 minute workshops focusing on core GCSE topics:


Core skills 1: Multiplication and division skills including decimals using different methods. Applying number core skills 1 in word problems.

Core skills 2: Factors including prime factors, highest common factor (HCF), multiples, lowest common multiple (LCM), applying number core skills 2 in word problems.


Core skills 1: Equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, simplifying fractions, converting mixed numbers/top heavy fractions, applying fraction core skills 1 in word problems.

Core skills 2: Multiplying and dividing fractions, simplifying fractions, applying fraction core skills 2 in word problems.


Core skills 1 :Collecting like terms, expanding and factorising expressions with single brackets.

Core Skills 2 :(Required maths skills: Algebra Core Skills 1) Rearranging Formulae including powers and fractions, applying algebra core skills 2 in word problems.


Pythagoras’ theorem, applying Pythagoras’ theorem in word problems.


(Required maths skills:Pythagoras’ theorem) SOHCAHTOA, applying SOHCAHTOA in word problems.

View our latest Maths Flash Workshop timetable here.

My daughter attended the Bellingdon mock test day yesterday and gained so much from it. (She) is not being tutored so this was her first opportunity to complete test papers and experience test conditions. She felt comfortable and appreciated the feedback in the afternoon. She even asked if she could attend on another day! 

G.G. Parent, Mock Test Experience Day, 2018

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