Love a good book? We certainly do at Flying Start Tuition. And as our recent inspiring book competition can justify so do many of our young flying starters! In fact, we had so many that whittling it down to find a winner was near impossible! Manage it we did, and you can read some of the children’s inspiring words and discover their brilliant book choices below.

*Winner* The Hobbit described by Kara

I loved the way there were so many magical creatures. It inspired me to write my own stories with magical creatures. I like the different parts of their journey and whenever I am walking through the woods, I pretend I am in Mirkwood! I like to write invisible messages with my invisible pen and pretend they are Runes. I liked all of Bilbo and Gollum’s riddles. I think this is a really good book with plenty of imagination. 

Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different by described Adam

I find this book inspiring because it has so many amazing real-life stories. The people in the book often overcome big challenges in their lives to become successful. The book includes stories about some people who are well known such as Lionel Messi, the great footballer, and David Attenborough who has done so much to help the environment. However, it also includes life stories about people who are not so well known, such as Achmat Hussiem who survived a shark attack and became a successful Paralympian swimmer.

The people in the book all have different stories, but they are the same in that they believed in themselves enough to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams.

Code Name Bananas described by Rathi

What the book is about: The book is about how a gorilla’s best friend is a boy and the boy’s uncle is a zookeeper. The boy and his uncle are going to rescue the gorilla during the Nazi War. The book taught me that animals have the right to be free and they should deserve to get a second chance like human beings to do because they have feelings just like we do.

Like Eric, we should protect the animals and the nature that surrounds us. The book also taught me to overcome obstacles. And if you do overcome the obstacles you will feel proud of yourself. The book also says that you should never give up and keep doing your best until you reach your goal.

Tales from a Young Vet described by Kathryn

This book has inspired me to want to become a vet.  The book is about Jo’s last year of training at the Royal Veterinary College.  She treats lots of different animals with lots of different problems. My favourite part was when she told us about her first surgery on a horse. Seeing how much she cared for the animals when she treated them has inspired me to want to do the same as I love animals too. 

STAR by described Luca

This book has inspired me to use more complex punctuation in my writing. It has also inspired me to read more books as now I am asking my mum for a series called Alex Rider and the rest of the books in the series ‘the power of five’ (EVIL STAR is the second book in the series). This inspiring book is about a boy called Matt, who is trying to stop an evil gate opening and destroying the world. He is accompanied by Richard, who looks after him since his parents died ☹ and a boy called Pedro (Pedro has special powers like Matt). I am now on the last chapter! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens at the end, but I’m also sad that I’ve almost finished it!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows described by Beth

Harry, Ron and Hermione skip a year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to hunt for Horcruxes, cursed objects, to destroy their enemy, Voldemort. This book has taught me that you don’t have to do big things to be brave. Harry Potter inspired me to write lots of poems and stories about Harry Potter. It has shaped my life into what it is now. Harry Potter is love, and Harry Potter is life!

Keep an eye out for our Staff picks – coming soon.