Have you ever thought of home educating your child? Maybe your child doesn’t fit in, is being bullied or is simply not making the progress you’d like him or her to make.

If you’re considering home education or already doing it, you’re definitely not alone. Every year growing numbers of parents choose to opt out of the system and it is estimated that around 60,000 children of compulsory education age (age 5-16) are being home educated in the UK and this figure is growing rapidly.

Why do parents opt out of the system in favour of home education?

Some parents choose this route long before the child starts school because of religious, philosophical or cultural reasons. Other parents, who enjoyed teaching their own children during the early years, are keen to continue this journey when the child turns five.

There are also the children who have tried school but it didn’t work out for some reason. Maybe they didn’t fit in, were bullied, suffer from an illness or have special needs. Others may simply have been switched off from learning or struggling to keep up in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mainstream school environment. Increasingly, many parents also worry about the stress of constant testing and exams on their child.

Advantages of home education

A huge appeal of home education, especially with the ever-increasing pressure on school places, is that parents have the flexibility to create a ‘tailor-made’ education for their child. An education that suits the child’s own pace and style of learning without concerns about fitting in, being held back by others or moving too quickly.

Consequently, home educated children often develop into very resourceful adults because they’ve learned (with support from adults) to think for themselves and make their own mistakes. There is less of a ‘conveyor belt’ approach and more focus on the individual.

Downside of home education

On the flip-side, though, it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the parents and many parents fear they’re not qualified to teach their children.

Unless the parents are actively joining groups with other home-schooled children or creating opportunities for the child to mix with his or her peers, there is a risk of isolation and that the child misses out on opportunities for social development.

Help for home educating parents

If you’re a home educating parent looking for some professional support with your child’s learning, Flying Start Tuition is soon launching a range of exciting new home education courses. Sessions will be planned and designed around the children in each group, taking into consideration their individual learning styles and providing them with opportunities to work collaboratively as well as independently. The tutors will use a range of traditional and modern teaching methods, technology and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help the children become independent, lifelong learners.

Our Home Education Courses run each week during term-time in small group sessions lasting 90 minutes.

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