According to recent research, around 27% of parents will choose additional tutoring for their children over the school holidays.  In some cases this will be in an attempt to avoid the ‘summer slide’ – the perceived loss of learning over the summer months.  For others, it will be to prepare for forthcoming exams such as the Eleven Plus, or to help with the transition from primary to secondary school.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Helping a child achieve their potential.
  • Feeling prepared and confident, whether for an exam or for the new school year.
  • Gaining independent study skills and increased motivation.
  • Greater self-belief that they can do well.
  • An improvement in school work and grades.
  • Personal attention that the child may not get at school.
  • A better use of study time, as tutor time is scheduled and focussed.
  • A chance to review skills and concepts that they might not have mastered in term time.

Whilst some children may need extra motivation to work in the summer, experience has shown that those who do attend holiday tuition often perform better in exams, being more likely to achieve their desired grades.  Exam results aren’t the only benefits, as children also gain skills and experience which give them a real confidence boost.