There are lots of benefits from holiday tutoring.  Being in a friendly, non-school environment will help your child to feel more at ease and just having a new face to explain key concepts in a slightly different way can make a huge difference.  In addition, attending holiday courses can help to keep the ‘summer slide’ at bay, boosting your child’s confidence when they return to school in September.

Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to for your child to appreciate these benefits – especially when the sun is shining outside and they want to hang out with their friends.  Many children want a break from schoolwork and can become resentful if they feel that they are being made to work in their free time.

Here are some tips to avoid a battle over holiday tutoring:

  1. Have some time off at the start of the summer

The final few weeks of the summer term can be exhausting – especially if the weather is hot. Give your child chance to unwind, relax and catch up on their sleep at the start of the school holidays by planning to do no work at all for a week or two.  If you are heading away on holiday, then the first few weeks of the summer break is the ideal time to do so. 

  1. Bargain!

Think up some incentives to help motivate your child to attend a course (and to give it their all whilst they are there!) Offer mutually agreed ‘rewards’, such as a special treat or a day out of your child’s choice – depending on your budget.

  1. Agree a schedule

Support your child in planning their own work schedule so that they know when they are free to see friends, have some screen time, or just chill at home.

  1. Don’t overdo it!

If your child has school homework or a project to complete over the holiday period, make sure that they plan this in so that it doesn’t get left to the last minute.  Keep additional work to a manageable level.  This will vary according to your child’s needs and goals.  Regular short bursts of practice are usually more effective (and less resented!) than sitting down for long periods at a time.  If free time really is an issue, discuss with your tutor how to get the most out of a small amount of time.

  1. Keep learning sociable

A revision buddy can help your child stick to a schedule and make it more fun.

Choosing a class-based holiday course gives your child an opportunity to have a fun, sociable learning experience which is scheduled into their school holiday.  Small classes with a high teacher to pupil ratio will allow children to be part of a group whilst receiving individual attention.  And for parents: no more fighting at home over when to get out the revision guides!

If you’re not sure whether your child could benefit from holiday tutoring, check out our blog post: Does Your Child Need a Little Help?