Bucks Eleven Plus Tests 2022

The 2022 Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Tests (also known as the Eleven Plus exam) will consist of four main topic areas: English, verbal reasoning, maths and non-verbal reasoning, and are provided by GL Assessment. The dates for the 2022 11+ test have now been released and are given below, along with a quick guide on what to expect during and after the test.

Overview of the 2022 tests:

Test details:

  • 15th September (provisional date for out of county children) and
  • 15th September (confirmed date for children attending Buckinghamshire primary schools and Partner schools).
  • Two short familiarisation papers will be taken on 13th September.

Test registration:

  • Children attending Bucks primary schools do not need to register as they will automatically be entered for the tests unless a parent withdraws them.
  • Parents of children attending out-of-county and partner schools must register their child during the application window, the deadline of which is on 24th June 2022.
  • Details of how to register your child should be available here in the coming months.
  • All children in Buckinghamshire primary schools and partner schools will usually sit the test in their own school. Other children will take the test at one of the grammar schools or another central location.

Test format:

Children will take two papers with a short break in between, comprising:

Paper 1:

  • Comprehension
  • Technical English
  • Verbal reasoning

Paper 2:

  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Maths

Test features:

  • Each test lasts about one hour, including time for instructions and examples
  • Separate test paper and multiple choice answer booklet
  • Timed sections within each test paper
  • Children cannot move between sections until instructed to do so
  • Instructions delivered via audio file
  • Tests marked by an optical mark reader (scanner)


  • Results are published on 14th October 2022
  • A standardised Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS) score of 121 must be achieved in order to qualify for entry to a Buckinghamshire grammar school.
  • The STTS is calculated by age-standardising the three subject scores and then adding them using the following weightings: 
  • Verbal reasoning & English: 50%
  • Mathematical: 25%
  • Non-verbal reasoning: 25%. 
  • Grammar school places will then be offered according to the admissions policy of each school.

Further information:

To find out more about the content of the tests, including the types of questions to expect and how to support your child at home, check out the recording of our free parents’ webinar on our YouTube Channel.

For some extra support with your child’s preparation, have a look at our tuition and mock options here.

The full details from Bucks Grammar Schools can be found here.

Information on the Secondary Transfer Testing process can be found here.

To get a clear idea of the type of questions your child may encounter, DOWNLOAD sample 11+ questions written by our in-house experts.

GL Assessment also has some free, downloadable materials on their website.