Our Values

At Flying Start, our values underpin everything we do. The product of a collaborative team process, our values are genuinely shared and held dear by each and every one of us as they come from our shared aim to do the best we possibly can for our pupils and their parents. Flying Start was not a company born out of the motivation to make a quick profit but out of the genuine desire to help children to grow in confidence, to be inspired to fly high and to develop tools for effective learning that will last far longer than the lessons they attend with us. We hope this comes across in our words and actions every single day, in the smiling faces of our students and in the many testimonials we receive.  


From the moment you pick up the phone to us or walk through our door, our friendly team will be waiting to greet you. Our tuition centres provide safe, happy environments in which everybody is treated with kindness and respect. We value individuality and we welcome students, parents and staff from all walks of life into our happy, supportive community.

‘A big smile goes a long way.’


We believe we should lead by example: in our passion, our commitment and our integrity and we select our team accordingly. We want our staff and students to dream big, to be self-motivated, to excel at what they do and to aspire to being the best versions of themselves.

‘Be your best self!’


Have fun, crack a joke, be playful! We firmly believe that children make the best progress when they are having fun…and the same goes for grown-ups too. In this world of stress and pressure, it’s all too easy to lose sight of this.  The reason our team do what they do is because they enjoy coming to work and we want all our students to enjoy their time with us too.

‘Arrive with a smile and leave with a grin’


We empower our students and our staff to think for themselves, to make decisions, to develop an ‘I can’ attitude. The best learning takes place when students feel confident and secure enough to make their own decisions, resilient enough to take risks and independent enough to work autonomously. We celebrate the achievements and successes of our students and our team, valuing their uniqueness and understanding that what could be a small step for one may be a giant leap for another.  

‘Stand tall and fly high!


We nurture our students, their parents and our staff, provide a helping hand when they need it. We aim to provide the right amount of support at the right time, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of our students and understanding when to step in and when to stand back.  We understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration (sometimes several heads really are better than one!) and we foster that understanding in our students too. 

‘Step in, step back, step together.’

I just wanted to thank you for the mock test last weekend which gave our daughter much more confidence. It was a very useful exercise. 

C.P. Parent, Mock Test Experience Day, 2018

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