Eleven Plus Mock Tests

Conquer exam fear! 

Exams can be daunting – especially when you’re only aged ten or eleven! Conquer those exam day nerves by ensuring your child is up to speed and knows what to expect with our realistic Eleven Plus mock test experiences.  

We offer Eleven Plus mock tests in the style of GL Assessment or Durham CEM Eleven Plus papers and our mock papers are consistently reported to be very similar, both in level and appearance, to the real tests. 

Mock tests take place in the morning, followed by pupil feedback sessions in the afternoon which provide an invaluable opportunity for students to review their papers with support from our team. (See below for more information.)

2020 Mock exam timetable coming soon! Send us a message using the enquiry form below to be one of the first to receive our 2020 mock test information.

Eleven Plus Mock Tests

Realistic exam practice

Flying Start mock tests are written in-house, by our team of Eleven Plus experts and directed by Sian Goodspeed, author of many Schofield and Sims Eleven Plus books

We make our mock tests as close to the real deal as possible and our professionally produced papers are often hailed as the best on the market.  There are five sets of papers and your child may sit any number, in any order.  We recommend sitting all five to enable them to experience the full range of question types.

Results will be emailed out to you within three working days of the tests. You will be provided with your child’s total score and the scores for each area, together with the target score and average score of the pupils sitting the test on that day.  

Please note: Flying Start’s mock test papers and answer sheets are kept strictly confidential and are not released following the tests. This is to protect copyright and to ensure that there is no risk of any child seeing the papers before they sit them.

Feedback Sessions

Optimised learning

Our same-day pupil feedback sessions provide students with the opportunity to review their mock test answers whilst they are still fresh in their minds, thus optimising their learning experience.  

During these sessions, children will review their test papers in small groups, working through solutions with the support of our team. Identification of problem topics will enable students to focus constructively on these areas, helping them to improve their scores in future tests. Exam techniques and tips for dealing with nerves and enhancing focus are also covered,

Children attending the feedback session will also take home a report sheet containing feedback of their performance in each section, together with areas that they need to work on. 

2020 Mock exam timetable coming soon! Send us a message using the enquiry form below to be one of the first to receive our 2020 mock test information.

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FREE: Could You Pass the 11 Plus?

Join us to discover what your child will experience when they sit the Eleven Plus. Take a mini test, find out your score, have a feedback session and receive handy tips on how to support your child at home.

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