Eleven Plus Mock Tests

Conquer exam fear! 

Exams can be daunting – especially when you’re only aged ten or eleven! Conquer those exam day nerves by ensuring your child is up to speed and knows what to expect with our realistic Eleven Plus mock test experiences, running in Little Chalfont and Bellingdon, Chesham.

We offer Eleven Plus mock tests in the style of GL Assessment in conditions as close as practicable to the real Buckinghamshire 11+ tests. We make our mock tests as close to the real deal as possible and our professionally produced papers are often hailed as the best on the market. View our timetable here.

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Mock Feedback Session

Optimised learning

Included in the mock test fee, is a live online two-hour mock feedback session. This will take place in a virtual classroom several days after the exam results have been issued. During the feedback session, one of our tutors will review the exam papers with the students, revising key exam techniques and going over the methods for some of the trickier questions. In advance of the session, students may ask the tutor to review specific questions by posting a message in the exam forum.


Plus FREE ACCESS to our Online Learning Zone…

All students booking onto a Flying Start mock test will be provided with a FREE login to our Flying Start Online Learning Zone. Each mock test you book is complemented by a suite of tests comprising over 100 additional questions.


Eleven Plus Mock Test Papers

Realistic exam practice

Flying Start mock tests are written in-house, by our team of Eleven Plus experts and directed by Sian Goodspeed, author of many Schofield and Sims Eleven Plus books.

There are five sets of papers and your child may sit any number, in any order.  We recommend sitting all five to enable them to experience the full range of question types.

Results will be emailed out to you within three working days of the tests. You will be provided with your child’s total score and the scores for each area, together with the target score and average score of the pupils who have sat the same test.  

For at-home practice we have our famous ‘Mocks in a Box’ kits which contain different mock papers than those used in our mock experience days so pupils can utilise both.

11+ Superpowers Course

Learn game-changing techniques to combat self-doubt, conquer exam nerves and banish negative self-talk so that your child feels focused, motivated and ready to tackle their Eleven Plus with confidence.

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11+ Revision & Practice

Designed to keep up the momentum over the summer break, our Revision and Practice courses help students consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies. 

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11+ Mocks in a Box

Whether you are a ‘DIY’ Eleven Plus parent or want to give your child some extra practice, our Mocks in a Box contain everything you need to run realistic mock tests from the comfort of your own home.

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My daughter is the in the middle of an Accelerator English course this week with Sophie.

It has been our first proper encounter with Flying Start and my daughter was quite concerned about attending an additional course at a place that she was unfamiliar with.

I have been amazed at her reaction since attending. She adores Sophie, who has been kind and patient, and has even described it as pretty enjoyable and quite fun.

Thank you for being kind, gentle and supportive to my daughter this week.  Sophie must have a magic touch.

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