Eleven Plus Holiday Courses

Boost your 11+ Superpowers!

Sometimes, Eleven Plus preparation can become overwhelming – even more so after school closures have left children learning independently during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our range of 11 + online summer holiday courses will be a delightful experience for children fed up of home learning, helping them to stay on track with their 11+ preparation and enthusing them for the return to school.

Choose from 11 + Revision and Practice courses for all-round consolidation, fine-tuning and exam techniques. For shorter, focused support with specific techniques or question types, try our 11 + Flash Workshops.  When your child is ready, our  11 + Mock Tests will help them to conquer those exam day nerves.

11+ Revision & Practice

Designed to keep up the momentum over the summer break, our Revision and Practice courses help students consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies. 

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11+ Mock Test Experiences

Exams can be daunting – especially when you’re only aged ten or eleven! Conquer those exam day nerves by ensuring your child is up to speed and knows what to expect with our realistic Eleven Plus mock tests.  

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11+ Flash Workshops

Designed to get skills up to speed in a flash, our online Eleven Plus Flash Workshops provide effective, targeted support in specific topics and question types that we know many children find challenging.

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Thank you for showing me a different method for things you gave me a great week

Pupil, R & P course, Summer 2018

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