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Flying Start’s holiday Accelerator courses are intensive introductory courses for year 5 pupils sitting the Eleven Plus tests or independent schools’ entrance exams or for year 6 pupils sitting the Twelve Plus.  Designed to get skills up to speed in a short space of time, they are suitable for students with little or no prior tuition  or for those needing a boost in a particular area. 

Covering the core areas of English, verbal reasoning, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning, our Accelerator courses are organised into subject modules so that you can choose the appropriate ones for your child. Each module comprises four 2.5 hour sessions over four consecutive days and pupils can attend as many modules as desired. 

Students attending Accelerator courses will also learn techniques from neuro-linguistic programming to help them deal with anxiety, aid concentration and enhance performance. These valuable tools will not only help them to do better in exam situations but will also be beneficial  throughout their school career and beyond. 

Want to find out more? Check out the module descriptions below or contact us for full course details.

English Accelerator Course

Most Eleven Plus exams feature reading comprehension and technical English, which includes assessment of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

This module provides plenty of practice of reading comprehension and literacy exercises such as cloze procedure, spelling and punctuation question practice to ensure your child’s core English skills are up to scratch.

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Maths Accelerator Course

Eleven Plus tests usually include a mix of short mental arithmetic questions and longer word based problem-solving questions.

This course is designed to cover a range of key maths topics such as fractions, decimals and percentages, in a range of practice test question formats, as well as strengthening core mental and written arithmetic skills.

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Verbal Reasoning Accelerator Course

The verbal reasoning element of the Eleven Plus tests may include any of a range of question types, including vocabulary exercises, code questions and logical reasoning.

This module covers a range of verbal reasoning question types that most commonly feature on the real Eleven Plus test papers, as well as boosting that all-important vocabulary.

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Take a look at our other Eleven Plus tuition options below:

Non-Verbal Reasoning Accelerator Course

Involving reasoning about shapes, patterns and sequences, non-verbal and spatial reasoning is becoming an increasingly popular form of assessment.

This module covers techniques for all the main non-verbal and spatial reasoning question types, including 3D questions – any of which could appear on the  the real Eleven Plus test papers.

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11+ Revision & Practice Courses

Designed to keep up the momentum over the summer break, our Revision and Practice courses help students consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies. 

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Year 4 Get Ready for the 11+

With ever-growing competition for grammar school places, the Eleven Plus test is tougher than ever before. Starting preparation as early as possible will give your child the best chance of exam success.

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Year 5 Power Up for the 11+

 Our popular Eleven Plus course includes comprehensive coverage of the key question types, exam techniques and stress-busting tools to ensure your child feels confident and fully prepared to face the big day.

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11+ Flash Workshops

Designed to get skills up to speed in a flash, our Eleven Plus Flash Workshops provide effective, targeted support in specific topics and question types that we know many children find challenging.

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11+ Mock Test Experiences

Exams can be daunting – especially when you’re only aged ten or eleven! Conquer those exam nerves by ensuring your child is up to speed and knows what to expect with our realistic Eleven Plus mock tests.

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11+ Mocks in a Box

Whether you are a ‘DIY’ Eleven Plus parent or want to give your child some extra practice, our Mocks in a Box contain everything you need to run realistic mock tests from the comfort of your own home.

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