Maths, English, Eleven Plus...

All a bit much?

Need a little help?

Sometimes, just a little expert input can make the world of difference to the way our children feel about school, homework and most importantly themselves!

At Flying Start Tuition®, we have a different approach to teaching which takes the stress out of schoolwork and maximises success. Whether your child needs support in preparing for tests such as the Eleven Plus (11+) or SATs; some help with their English or Maths; or challenging to reach the next level, our lessons will increase their confidence, boost their progress and let them stand tall!

Come and talk to us and see how we can help.

Flying Start's Christmas Jumper Week 

All this week our pupils are invited to join our tutors in wearing their Christmas jumpers to lessons, in support of Save the Chidlren's Christmas Jumper day on Friday 14th.

Not a pupil? Not a problem! Post your Christmas jumper pics to our Facebook page all this week to be in with a change to won £50 book vouchers.